Friday, May 15, 2015

DIY Vintage Wall Hanger

A simple and easy way to keep jewellery is on a hanger. Here's how to make your own.

Cut a piece of wood to the desired length. This hanger was made using a piece of left over decking wood and measures 44cm long by 9cm wide by 2cm deep.

Pick up some knobs, hooks or drawer handles from a hardware or similar type of shop. Six bits and bobs were chosen for this hanger. Space them out and arrange them in the order you think looks best and check that they fit on the wood with even spaces between.

Paint the wood in any colour or leave it without paint for the plain natural look. Here, a bit of left over ceiling undercoat paint was used and applied easily with a big thick brush. The two drawer knobs that were unpainted were transformed using two colours of left over paint -  a gorgeous aqua and a bright lemon colour.

Use sandpaper to rub and scratch back some of the paint on the wood to give a worn rustic look. Using the screws that come with each of the drawer knobs, handles and hooks, attach each of them to the piece of wood. Pencil dot markers were put on the wood first, to make sure they were spaced out evenly.

Once attached to the wall, the hanger is then ready to hang jewellery from. This hanger was attached with some very strong double sided tape. 

Other accessories such as bracelets or scarves could be hung from the hanger too!

Little Ladybird


  1. Such a creative idea. I love it!!! Wish someone would make me one.

  2. Very cute! Visiting from Diana Rambles. I had to pin this cute wall hanger!

  3. I really love the idea of mixing up the hangers. I wouldn't have thought it would look as cute as it does.

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