Friday, August 08, 2014

Cool Kid's Play Areas

As a kid, growing up, we had a very large backyard with lots of space to run around. My brothers and I had enough space that we were able to claim bits of the yard to do whatever we pleased. Whether it was a small vegetable and flower garden, an outdoor science table or a digging patch to turn into a bike jump, we had some outdoor space that was just ours, with no adult interference.

As an adult, where we live now, we don't have much outdoor space. So we're determined to make the most of every centimetre. I don't want my kids to miss out on having some outside freedom to tinker about and to discover and learn through play. Having a small backyard is a challenge, but Ikea makes it easy.

On one side of our house we have a small walkway which is about 1.5m wide. Here's what we did to turn it into a little area for the kids to play. 

The play kitchen had to come outside. I was sick of the mess it was creating inside! We then added a mirror above and a basketball ring.

Next to it we hung some metal rails, hooks, mini magnetic round storage containers and a wall hanging, from Ikea. They were very easy to attach to the wall and are perfect for hanging water play and measuring equipment. 

We placed a long seat underneath, also from Ikea, and attached a black board from Bunnings. 

The beautiful Australian handmade bunting I picked up from a shop called Bold Australia, who make and print all of their products here in Australia.

Lastly, we made a water wall and a marble run out of pegboard, recycled water bottles and wood. It took a few goes to get the angles correct, but it was fun and a learning experience for the kids in itself!

The kids love it and they can make as much mess as they like. It's hidden around the side of the house which is awesome! And I like it when they call me round to read the messages that they or their daddy have written for me!

Little Ladybird