Monday, January 21, 2013

Wall Prints - Kid's Sayings

Words don't really have meaning on their own. Meaning is not something a word 'has', but rather is something that a word 'does'. It is the effect of a word or phrase, when used in a particular time, place or context, that is the powerful and meaningful thing. Friends, couples and families can have a language of their own that is unique and meaningful only to them and it is amazing how many phrases and sayings that have now become common vernacular in our home since our kids have started speaking. They have meaning only to us.

Someone once told me to write down some of my kids' sayings, as kids grow and change so quickly and you soon forget the things they once said. There are words and phrases (both adorable and annoying) that seem to get said all day every day by our little ones and I think that I'm going to hear them forever. And then bam, before I've had a chance to even register that they have stopped saying that particular word or phrase, they have come up with a completely different saying.

I've made prints out of some of my kid's sayings and also some sayings we use with them. We used some of the sayings on the front covers of miniature books in their dollhouse.

What do you think? What are some of the funny, cute or annoying things your children say? Leave your comments at the end of the post! 

Little Ladybird