Monday, July 22, 2013

Fabric Baby Book

I loved making this baby fabric book with the help of Threading My Way. It was a gift for a friend who had a baby girl earlier this year. Here's how to make one.

- 1/2 yard or so of batting
- pieces of plain cotton material (we used 6 rectangles 40cm x 20cm in size)
- material pictures to applique

How to Make
1) Cut pieces of material to 40cm x 20cm in size. We cut 6 pieces to make 12 pages in total.
2) Applique the pictures to each page. Make sure there is enough room in the middle for stitching down the center.
3) Decide the order of the pages and which piece is to be the front/back cover.
4) Cut 3 pieces of batting to the same size (maybe a tiny bit smaller) as the rectangle pieces (40cm x 20cm).
5) Place the batting to the wrong side (inside/no pictures) of the front/back cover.
6) Pin together the inside front cover/inside back cover to the front/back cover already against the batting. Make sure that this is done with the picture sides facing each other/together.
7) Sew all the way around the edge, leaving an opening at the bottom edge for turning.

8) Clip corners and turn right side out and stitch opening closed.
9) Repeat steps 5) 6) 7) for the other pages. (sew pages 1/8 to 2/7) (sew pages 3/6 to 4/5).
10) Stack pages together to make the book, then center pages making sure pages are in the correct order of how you want them to be.
11) Pin along the center to secure the stack. Then sew along the center.

Little Ladybird

Monday, July 08, 2013

Non-Bake Lemon & Coconut Slice - GlutenFree

Here is a recipe for a non-bake lemon and coconut slice that my grandmother gave to me when I was growing up. I've changed it recently to be gluten free. 
It's so easy and quick and everyone loves it!

1/2 cup sweet condensed milk
125g butter
250g gluten free tea biscuits (finely crushed)
(for non gluten free recipe, use 250g of arrowroot biscuits)
1 teaspoon of grated lemon rind
1 cup coconut

1 cup icing sugar (I use CSR brand gluten free)
15g butter
2 tablespoons of coconut
3 tablespoons of lemon juice

Mix all ingredients well and press into a thin glass or baking dish
Refrigerate for at least an hour
Ice with lemon icing
Sprinkle with desired amount of coconut
When icing has set, cut into squares

Enjoy cooking and eating this beautiful slice with your kids, grand-kids or someone special!

Little Ladybird

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pregnancy Photography

I love using my camera, but I have no training. So when a friend of mine asked if I would bring my camera with me next time I was around to take some pre-baby shots, I was excited but quite nervous.

My friends are very photogenic, thus that part was easy and they have a cute little backyard that the sun sets gently upon in the afternoons. So we got outside to take advantage of the non-direct afternoon light, had some laughs and got snapping.

My favourite photos are usually ones where the subject isn't looking at the camera and this was the case with these shots as well.

We got out some bits and pieces from the baby's room, which added a nice touch, we thought.  Isn't the owl wearing the baby's beanie cute!

A couple of the photos couldn't be used as I didn't pick up that I had the handmade fabric block letters in the word 'peanut' around the wrong way, but I was too busy laying on the ground trying to get the right angle and lighting in my lens, and the mosquitoes had well and truly started biting by then!

I think the photos capture beautifully the glowing pregnancy of my friend and this post might show that you don't necessarily have to pay big to have a professional do pregnancy photos if you don't have the time or the money. I think a few simple shots taken in and around the house where the baby is going to call home, is just as nice.

Little Ladybird

p.s, they have since had a beautiful baby girl!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Four Generation Photography

We are very lucky in my family to have four generations of woman, spanning 92 years old to 4 years old!

I saw this photography idea on Pinterest and I thought it would be fun (and harder than expected) to do a four generation photo myself.

I took a photograph of my grandmother (who is, from what Google says, the Greatest Generation), holding a picture of my mum from Generation Baby Boomers, holding a picture of me from Gen X/Y, holding a picture of my daughter from Gen Z

A photo, I'm sure that, in many years from now, will be one of my favourites and will be passed down. But for now, it's a Mother's Day gift.

Published in Family Tree Magazine

Little Ladybird
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Making a Children's Car Mat

I've been MIA lately. Been playing with my kids!

Here's what we did last week. The kids wanted a play mat. And they aren't cheap. So we (mostly me, but that's okay) made our own!

We used; 
thick cotton fabric (approx 1m x 2m)
fabric paint
a sketch outline on paper

AND we painted, we had fun and we did it our way .... even the four house numbers have a personal touch, being the birth dates of our family.

You can do it too. All you need is your imagination and a bit of time (the paint doesn't dry straight away) ...... and you will have your little ones eager to play!

All up, it cost about $30 and it has been used lots and lots already by all the members of our family.

Little Ladybird
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Wall Prints - Kid's Sayings

Words don't really have meaning on their own. Meaning is not something a word 'has', but rather is something that a word 'does'. It is the effect of a word or phrase, when used in a particular time, place or context, that is the powerful and meaningful thing. Friends, couples and families can have a language of their own that is unique and meaningful only to them and it is amazing how many phrases and sayings that have now become common vernacular in our home since our kids have started speaking. They have meaning only to us.

Someone once told me to write down some of my kids' sayings, as kids grow and change so quickly and you soon forget the things they once said. There are words and phrases (both adorable and annoying) that seem to get said all day every day by our little ones and I think that I'm going to hear them forever. And then bam, before I've had a chance to even register that they have stopped saying that particular word or phrase, they have come up with a completely different saying.

I've made prints out of some of my kid's sayings and also some sayings we use with them. We used some of the sayings on the front covers of miniature books in their dollhouse.

What do you think? What are some of the funny, cute or annoying things your children say? Leave your comments at the end of the post! 

Little Ladybird