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Photography Tips - Camera Angle / Cropping

I enjoy every opportunity I get to use my camera and I like to experiment with different techniques. I watched my 3 year old daughter taking photos at the museum recently. I have never shown her how to use a camera, so I was interested to see her take a shot of some crystal rocks, view it, and then rotate it to change the angle of the camera to, I'm guessing, 'get a better shot'.  And that is where it all starts. I didn't ask her what she was doing cause I knew that she was simply doing what the best photographers do .... just taking her time to enjoy and play.  Here are some examples of how you can create interest in your photos by using a few simple points.  

Tilt the camera sideways. The photo on the right is less flat and shows more of the sky, but still allows all three layers (hedge, trees, sky) to be seen. Also, try photographing side on from an angle, instead of front on, to create depth in your photos.

Move the camera around to best capture the subject and get more background in so it looks as though the background extends further than what it does. Left photo - get down low to create height. Middle photo - take from up high to show different angles. Right photo - 'off set' the subject to create interest, don't always place it in the middle. Off setting can actually make the subject stand out more than if it were in the middle, if it is done right. 

Crop with the intention to change the mood or to convey a message. In this instance, the photo on the left gives the sense of long rolls of fabric and shows more of the continued pattern, hence giving more detailed information about the product type. However, the photo on the right gives a sense of having a tall, thick, abundant stash of fabric. This is a fairly simple example, but it can be used more effectively in different situations.

Crop to draw attention to certain parts of the photo. In the photo on the left, your eyes are drawn more to what the girl may be looking towards, whilst in the photo on the right, your eyes are drawn more towards the placement of her hands and what is in her lap.

Crop out some of the subject and place it so that it is not centred. Often your eyes find it easier to look at something off to the side rather than something in the middle. With the photo on the left, you look at the subject then scan the background. This is the last thing that your eye sees and seeing as there is a fair bit of background to look at, this is the last impression you take away from this photo. In the photo on the right, you see the background and subject at the same time, as their ratio is more balanced. You don''t need to scan the background.

I hope that you can use some of these tips and keep on playing and experimenting with your photo taking!

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  1. You make it look so easy!!! I'll have to experiment more using your suggestions. Thanks for sharing...

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  3. I've been learning - trial by fire. Thank you for all of your tips. Jodi @

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  5. Some great tips there Tash! I'm always looking to improve my photography - so I'll make sure and experiment more and try out some of your suggestions!

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  6. Great tips, thanks. I really need to photograph food better.

    I found this through Thriving on Thursdays. I have linked in a corned beef hash cakes recipe using corned beef leftovers. I selected the right picture but the linky thing went crazy, so you will have to click through to see the picture. Have a great week.

  7. Great tips! I am lacking int he photography skills department.

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  10. Great tips! I'm not the greatest photographer but you make it look very easy. thanks for linking to pin'inspiration thursday

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  12. thanks for sharing these tips. I need all the help I can get :)

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  14. Really interesting tips, I think I have a lot to learn in taking photos...
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